Revealing the Hidden Cost of Boston IT Consulting: Why Healthcare Companies’ Hardware Expenses Have Tripled During COVID

Boston IT Consulting reveals the Hidden Costs of Healthcare' Equipment Expenses

Dear CIOs of Healthcare Companies,

It’s time that Boston IT consulting shed light on a costly secret lurking within your organization’s operations, one that has led to a significant increase in hardware expenses since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The culprit?

Untracked company assets provided to employees, contractors, and consultants who depart without returning them.

As a result, your IT departments or other responsible parties are left in the dark, forced to absorb the expense of replacing these unreturned assets when new resources are onboarded. The consequence?

Your company is losing assets twice over—first, when they’re not returned, and second, when you’re forced to purchase replacements.

The financial impact is staggering, with mid-sized and large-sized companies facing losses in the $1M+ range.

But fear not, there are actionable solutions to mitigate this double jeopardy:

  1. Incentivize Responsible Tracking: Empower your IT and HR departments by incentivizing them to track and recover these assets. Offer rewards or bonuses tied to cost-saving measures, motivating employees to treat company resources with the same care as their own.
  2. Implement Asset Tracking Software: Leverage technology to bridge the gap between HR and IT offboarding processes.Invest in robust asset tracking software that streamlines asset management and facilitates seamless offboarding procedures.

Addressing this issue requires a proactive approach, one that I specialize in assisting CIOs of Healthcare companies with.

Through the implementation of efficient processes, tailored workflows, and incentivization strategies, we can help your organization reclaim lost assets and optimize hardware spending.

Ready to take control of your company’s finances and reclaim that $1M?

Let’s start the conversation.

Reach out to me at ✉️ or call 📞 508-801-0311.

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