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About VitalIT Consultants In Boston MA

CEO, Rich Messinger is a Senior IT Consultant in Boston MA, based in Wellesley who solves strategic business problems and produces tangible results through the implementation and optimization of technology systems, infrastructure, services, applications, and business processes in Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Tech and Life Sciences; Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services; Technology Services and Software; Small and Medium Business (SMB). 

As a Trusted Advisor & Advocate for executives and the businesses they run, Rich works in lock-step with them to gain a clear understanding of their business vision, goals, and needs to chart a path to profit and performance improvement. He helps each business to shape a focused, attainable, and business-aligned technology strategy and then helps them to execute on that strategy in all areas, including:

  • Technology Infrastructure (Networking, Data Center, Security) 
  • Virtualization, Cloud and SaaS Services 
  • Business Productivity and Communications Solutions 
  • Application Integration, System Deployment and Project Management 
  • IT Operations, Support and Service Delivery Management 
  • Process Design, Optimization and Documentation 
Meet Boston IT Consultant, Richard Messinger
Richard Messinger, Founder of VitalIT Systems, Boston IT Consultant

Testimonials of IT Consultants In Boston!

Technically gifted is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rich. In Abbvie, Rich stepped up to manage a few key initiative projects within my IT infrastructure department. He took complete ownership of the project, assigned and ensured timely completion with exceptional communication to all those involved. Rich innovated a secure way to share the Pathology Workflow web app (HALO) between AbbVie scientists in California and Mass General Hospital/Harvard scientists. I requested Rich for numerous projects following this because no matter how complex a project, he made sure everyone was supported and set up for success.
Rich is knowledgeable, professional, and provides excellent IT support. I worked with him for about two years and appreciated his quick response to resolve my issues. Always my go to person when I had IT issues. He goes above and beyond and understands the urgency for me and my executives. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.
Executives need executive support that is premier and confidential. Rich is the IT executive consultant that you need. He is at the top of his game, on point, focused, and uber effective. His professionalism, rapport, empathy, and expertise is why everyone goes to him to get anything “IT” fixed or resolved correctly and quickly. In my role as a C-Suite executive team, Rich understood the importance of my requirements, need for rapid response and would always rearrange his schedule to resolve my issues no matter how big or small. I always had faith and confidence that Rich would, in every instance, find a way to resolve my IT concerns or issues.
Rich and I were both tasked with solving performance issues with suspected cloud hosted SaaS applications and end user client applications. Rich’s strength was interacting with end users WHILE they had their performance issues and gathering the nuanced use cases where slowness was perceived or measured. From there we would go into each scenario and validate which logged data lined up with the poor user experience. From there he was excellent at implementing the most likely solution to the slowness. I’m grateful for the times I worked with Rich, as he made our mission a huge success.
I cannot rate Rich highly enough for his fast, friendly and professional support in resolving numerous IT issues on behalf of myself and the leaders I have supported at Forcepoint. Rich is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with and I would thoroughly recommend his help desk and IT consultancy services.
Rich is the consumate IT professional. In my experience, Rich leaves no stone unturned to identify and implement a solution for the IT challenge you are facing. He is very dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction, flexible and committed. We had a time zone difference of 5 hours and he always stretched to my time. Rich solved a number of hardware and software issues which, before Rich became involved, I had been experiencing on and off over a period of 6-12 months. Rich solved these issues swiftly and they remain resolved without repeat.
I had the pleasure of getting to know Rich while at Forcepoint. He possesses the unique balance of technical acumen and approachability with laser focus on service, user experience and responsiveness. His attention to detail and persistence have been on full display several times throughout the years while helping me and other team members troubleshoot issues in highly escalated situations. He is incredibly talented and I strongly recommend Rich without hesitation.
Rich always went above and beyond to provide excellent support….. even during non working hours. Rich is extremely knowledgeable, and always had solutions to my most complex issues.
I worked with Rich at Forcepoint for about a year and in that time he made a huge impact on the efficiency of our EA team when IT-related issues big and small arose. He is not only able to solve problems quickly, but also able to build great relationships with our executive team and support staff. We were truly blessed to have Rich with us and miss him dearly.
Rich provides a level of IT support which extends beyond The Ask. Not just once but every single time. He understands the urgency in solving IT challenges and has often worked outside normal hours to deliver solutions. He demonstrates patience, provides insight and knowledge to help you understand and learn something through the issue he is resolving and I would highly recommend him as a valued asset to any organization. He is reliable, resourceful and committed to service delivery through a lens of providing excellence. I applaud Rich for his unique skill set but also for his integrity and character which is the base he works from.
Rich is an absolute pleasure to work with. I worked with him on an important integration with our marketing automation platform and he provided my team with the exact solutions we were looking for. He brings tremendous value to the team and any team would be lucky to have him.
Responsive, professional, efficient IT problem solving all delivered in an easily understood and personable package! Rich is the ‘go to’ IT guy. There was never an IT problem that he didn’t approach with discretion, patience, and thorough research with follow up to ensure full resolution. His ability to effectively and respectfully communicate in ‘non-tech speak’ makes working with him a dream in a world that may present nightmares! 🙂 Recommend Rich highly.
I had the pleasure of getting to know and work closely with Rich over the past year plus at Forcepoint. I lead the Communications team at Forcepoint and Rich has been an invaluable partner to myself, our team and our most senior executives, including our CEO. Rich has provided outstanding technical/IT support across a range of activities. Rich’s technical expertise allowed us to run several flawless All-hands meetings for our 2,800+ employees across the globe. Over the past year, we have run digital events with leading outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Fast Company. Rich provided a steady hand for all those events that featured our CEO as speaker. Rich even drove to our CEO’s house on more than one occasion to provide on-site support to ensure a great experience for our CEO and the audience of the digital events. Rich’s professionalism, optimistic attitude and calm nature were always on display, no matter the stakes or pressure involved. I would highly recommend Rich.
I do global sales enablement for a company that does the large majority of our business through our channel partners. I rely upon Zoom webinar and I have come to depend upon and trust in the reliability of Rich Messinger to pull off virtual partner kickoffs and monthly webinars through his support on the back-end. Rich has helped us shift our Zoom webinar licenses to the proper personnel, monitor for capacity availability, and take steps regularly to make webinar replays available to our external audience. Rich has participated in troubleshooting and Zoom behavior best practice sharing. Rich is friendly and always willing to offer his assistance.
Rich provided invaluable help to the Marketing team as we pivoted our User Group series to digital in FY20. Rich rapidly assesses project requirements, maintains high standards of communication throughout and just ‘gets things done’. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rich.
If you’re like me, technology challenged, and you need IT help, Richard is your man. He worked for me on a project for over a year, well into two years. Richard understood my mission and was loyal to help me get this project off the ground. I trusted him to take the lead on EVERYTHING needed to launch a successful product. And we did! I give Richard 100% of the credit for knowing what to do and teaching me in a way that I understand how it all worked. I’m managing the IT part of this project today. I’m still IT challenged; however, Richard put together a technically sound project and taught me how to maintain it. For me, that was priceless. Richard, thank you for organizing the mess I initially handed over to you and for turning it into a solid base for my business. Also, because of your professionalism and dedication to work on a project until the customer is satisfied, you will always be my go to guy for IT assistance. Thank you!
Working with Rich is a blessing. His work/life experience brings about a dimension I haven’t seen from many and his leadership skills are contagious. We collaborated on many projects in our time together. His attention to details and follow through is impeccable. He is one I would go into battle with knowing his calm, collective and teamwork mentality is on our side.
As the IT manager at ARIAD Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland, Rich did not report directly to me as he was based in Massachusetts However, I would often reach out to him directly to support my business unit due to his unique blend of technical, interpersonal and leadership skills He consistently went above and beyond to meet and exceed the business objectives, and I would find he was always willing to take on challenges and the most complex IT projects. What impressed me the most was his ability to deliver results with IT projects outside his normal scope of expertise. In particular, Rich stood up, developed and implemented a laptop provisioning and application deployment infrastructure in Lausanne, which considerably boosted my infrastructure team’s capabilities. Rich was who I would go to when I needed something completed, and I have no doubt he would be of an immense asset to any organisation.
Rich is one of those senior IT leaders who naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole team. He served as more than Subject Matter Expert for SCCM and our desktop service unit, he was a coach to myself and we have transcendent conversations about what it means to be an IT leader and be influential to others. IT Services delivery has always been demanding subject in every organization; however, Rich’s ability to navigate high-level technology problems with a sense of urgency, innovate and implement solutions with immediate results, was truly superior. As an individual who has experience working with numerous IT leaders, Rich earns my highest recommendation.
I had the pleasure of having Rich lead an advanced project for my Engineering department at AbbVie. I spent over 3 years working with various IT project managers and had found little success in developing and implementing a departmental digital signage project. This was until Rich oversaw the project, and within weeks, he researched a great deal on large touch screen monitors (this was a huge win to have touch screen monitors) was provided, as well as a working prototype. Unfortunately, the custom automation software was too expensive. However, Rich’s sheer determination led him to learn a scripting language himself and produce a seamless automation script to significantly reduce the costs and deliver the project. I have no doubt in my mind that Richard would be an incredible asset to his next organization.
Rich is one of the most resourceful and selfless team members that I had the pleasure of working with. He is always eager to assist and provide value to others. I had the pleasure of working with Rich at ARIAD Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie Pharmaceuticals. At both companies, his role was Project Manager/Solutions Architect and was the person everyone could always rely on to strategically and technically “make things happen” with a sense of urgency. Nothing falls through the cracks with Rich as he is organized, always follows through and communicates in a way that connects with everyone. His sharp attention to detail, resourceful nature, passion to exceed expectations, and empathy towards others makes him a valuable asset to any company. I am looking forward to working with him again in the future. If you need things done he is a person to go! You can reach me anytime for references.
I have had the pleasure of working with Rich at several different companies and during this time he has became a friend and trusted colleague. Rich is a very focused and systematic problem solver. During my times working with him he faced and triumphantly overcame numerous challenges in the different capacities he filled. His approach to problem solving and finding unique ways to resolve issues, thinking outside the box is second to none. Rich is/was always there to push the limits, work to achieve the end goal, mentor and guide other individuals, and share his knowledge with whomever wanted to learn from him. He approaches problems with humor, humility and a level of industriousness which is rarely seen. He has excellent Project Management skills and will drive them over the finish line, working collaboratively with his customers and other resources to deliver on time. I have nothing but the highest praises for Rich’s work ethic and level of technical acumen and certainly hope to work with him in another professional capacity in the near future.
Rich is able to fix all my IT issues and walk me thru them in a way I understand them.

Rich possesses a sharp mind and great troubleshooting skills. He was THE go to guy for the most difficult application issues we had. I enjoyed working with Rich.

Wow! Rich is awesome! I was in the midst of a computer emergency – as most computer issues are – and Rich treated my situation like an emergency. He resolved my problem – long distance – in minutes! He is a pleasure to work with, professional, and a rare find in today’s world. ~ Tamera Nielsen

As an IT consultant in Boston, I understand the myriad benefits that my services bring to businesses aiming to optimize their technological landscape.

My specialized knowledge and experience in various IT domains make me a valuable partner for companies across different industries and sizes.

When you collaborate with an IT consultant in Boston like me, you gain access to enhanced efficiency, cost-effective solutions, strategic insights, and a competitive edge.

Being a Boston IT consultant, I bring localized insights and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the local business ecosystem.

My expertise allows me to tailor IT solutions that are perfectly aligned with the specific needs of businesses in the Boston area.

Whether it involves streamlining operations, fortifying cybersecurity measures, or integrating cutting-edge technologies, I’m well-versed in the dynamics of the local market. One of the primary advantages of engaging an IT consultant is the objective assessment they provide of your current IT infrastructure.

Through comprehensive audits and evaluations, I identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your technology landscape.

This thorough analysis empowers you to make informed decisions about your IT investments and strategies, in line with your overarching business goals. In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, staying up to date with the latest trends is paramount.

As a Boston IT consultant, I pride myself on keeping abreast of industry changes, ensuring the solutions I recommend are both current and applicable.

I introduce innovative tools and strategies that boost productivity, foster collaboration, and enhance customer engagement, giving your business a competitive edge in Boston’s dynamic market.

A critical benefit of working with an IT consultant is cost efficiency. I help you avoid unnecessary expenditures by providing expert insights on optimizing your IT resources.

By pinpointing areas that genuinely require investment, I ensure your resources are allocated efficiently, resulting in a streamlined budget where every dollar spent translates into tangible improvements.

Collaborating with me, a Boston IT consultant, cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

My recommendations and insights drive ongoing enhancements to your IT systems, workflows, and cybersecurity measures.

This adaptability is especially crucial when facing emerging threats and evolving business needs.

Moreover, I bridge the knowledge gap within your organization.

My skills often complement those of your in-house IT team.

Through training and knowledge transfer, I empower your internal staff to confidently tackle new challenges and effectively manage your IT infrastructure.

In conclusion, my role as an IT consultant in Boston brings a host of benefits that directly contribute to your company’s growth and success.

My localized insights, objective assessments, and expertise in emerging technologies help your business thrive in Boston’s competitive market.

By partnering with me, you strategically leverage technology, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a robust security posture.

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, my guidance as a Boston IT consultant can significantly impact your long-term resilience and growth.

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