Fidelity Investments Case Study: Upgrading Their Application Deployment in Record Time

Helping Fidelity Investments Upgrade Their Application Deployment Process, for a Windows Desktop and Server Roll Out, in Record Time

Fidelity Investments came to Rich for onsite help with a project that many techs would have considered impossible. In less than three months, they needed to test and assess application deployment tools for a new desktop and server Operating System, then implement, and create Standard Operating Procedure documentation. And they needed this done not just for Fidelity Investments, but for five of its subsidiaries.

A project of this magnitude normally takes at least 7-8 months, but Fidelity’s revenue goals depended on a quick transition, and they simply couldn’t wait.

Was It Even Possible? A Herculean Effort.

Given how integral his role would be to the success of the operation, Rich knew he would live and breathe Fidelity’s upgrade—often working from early in the morning until 11 p.m. Rich understood that it would take patience, perseverance, and exceptional effort.

What’s so Challenging about an Operating System Upgrade?

You’ve probably upgraded your Operating System on your home computer countless times, and that’s a simple task. Just follow the instructions, click a few buttons, and your computer does the work for you.

When it comes to companies with thousands of employees,

It’s a far more complicated task, and errors could result in major losses to productivity and revenue.

Success + Becoming Fidelity’s Subject Matter Expert

The upgrade was so successful that Fidelity tapped Rich to become the company’s Subject Matter Expert on application packaging. In fact, Rich wrote a manual outlining the new standard operating procedure that he and his team created, which was adopted by other subsidiaries throughout the Fidelity family.

Teaching the Procedure to a New Tech Team in India

Fidelity decided to outsource their tech support to India, and they called upon Rich to train the new teams. Knowing how vital proper application packaging was to Fidelity’s success, Rich worked closely with the new staff to make sure they understood every step in this integral process, guaranteeing successful upgrades in the years to come.

Creating a Lasting Impact

Rich stands out among IT consultants because he takes the time to truly understand each client’s vision, goals, and direction.

  • How does any given project fit into your plans in the years to come?
  • Which solutions will have the greatest impact on your ROI?
  • What can you do to future-proof your technology?

Rich thinks long and hard about these questions because his goal is to make a lasting impact on the organizations he serves—just as he did with Fidelity Investments.

Ready to future-proof your technology?

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